Price list of websites, eshops, logos, 3D visualizations, animations and 3D workshop.

DescriptionTime for realisationCount/Length/IntervalPrice
3D exterior of house3 days3 views190€
3D interior of room or 3D character3 days4 views180€
Animation of flight through the scene + music in background. Price is added to 3D visualization.+ 1 day100€
Animation with moving objects, cars, characters + voice or music. Price is added to 3D visualization.+ 3 days490€
Online 3D virtual viewing. Price is added to 3D visualization.+ 1 day30€
Webpage3 daysto 10 pages490€
Eshop4 daysto 20 products590€
One year website administrationEvery 3 month55€ / year
Logo2 days2 concepts95€
3D workshop4 hours890€ outside Slovakia
DVD10€ + shipping costs 3€

Standard rendered outputs are for visualizations in resolution 1920×1080.
Animations are in Full HD quality.